Rec-Two is a dynamic Techno and Hard Techno DJ duo from Luxembourg, comprised of Joe and Massimo, who were first introduced to the raving scene in 2013. They quickly discovered their passion for Techno and separately began their DJ careers in 2016, gaining valuable experience along the way. As their friendship grew stronger over the years, they decided to combine their talents and form the powerful duo known as Rec-Two.

Their unique symbiosis while performing together has garnered them a significant following in Luxembourg and beyond. Rec-Two has played at numerous prestigious events such as Ruhr In Love (DE), Kolla Festival (LU), Orgasmusig Festival (CH), Tagtraum (LU), as well as in top clubs like The Room, The Ground, Ghost (DE), Lenox Club, and many more.

Sharing the stage with celebrated names such as Nico Moreno, Regal, 999999999, Marco Bailey, Fernanda Martins, Spartaque, Pappenheimer, and Sven Wittekind, Rec-Two has cemented their reputation as accomplished performers.

When they’re not performing live, Rec-Two can be found in their own home studio, tirelessly producing new tracks and immersing themselves in the intricacies of Techno music.

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